Ze waren er op FACTS, de droids C-3PO en R2-D2.


In het artikel Friend or Foe op Medium vond ik verwoord waarom ik R2D2 intuïtief steeds de sympathiekste van de twee vond.

R2-D2 excels in areas where humans are deficient: deep computation, endurance in extreme conditions, and selfless consciousness. R2-D2 is a computer that compensates for human deficiencies — it shines where humans fail.
C-3PO is the personification of the selfish human — cloying, rules-bound, and despotic. (Don’t forget, C-3PO let Ewoks worship him!) C-3PO is a factotum for human vanity — it engenders the worst human characteristics.

R2-D2 aspires to be a great computer.
C-3PO aspires to be a mediocre human.
We need great computers, not mediocre humans.