SLR Wipo

Six years ago, we hardly knew we hád a cat. We refilled food, heard scratching behind the cupboard, and the occasional flapping of the cat flap. Wipo* hid behind the kitchen cupboard for months. In the meantime, this is completely behind us. She comes off silly when shouting, we can stroke her from the kitchen chair and in the sofa, but if you dare to move she sprints away. She remains very wary of sounds and sudden movements
If you come to visit, you are guaranteed not to get to see her. Or we have to be eating, then she will come and have a look, only on a quiet visit. But here she is. So for those who haven’t seen her yet, we dó have a cat.

Spiegelreflex Wipo
Griet tested her old SLR, a Canon EOS 50D, at Wipo.

*Wipo is short for ‘white paws’, ‘witte pootjes’ in Dutch.

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